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Keep more of your time and money while making it easier for customers to buy from you

Where do you want your business to be in five years? In one year? Make sure you have the time, the technology, and the funds you need, so that when the time comes you can say your business is right where you want it to be. ?

Business loans

Looking to grow or enhance your business? Receive a variety of funding options right from your desktop, laptop, or mobile device with the Paychex Small Business Loan Center.

Expense management

Take control of your business expenses by enforcing spending policies, simplifying approvals, analyzing trends, and quickly reimbursing employees.

Payment processing services

Get the payment processing options you need to expand your business, from chip-enabled terminals to POS solutions, online payments, ACH payment, and eCheck processing.

Tax services

Paying payroll and sales taxes is a challenge, but managing them doesn’t have to be. Paychex helps lessen your risks and can even help you obtain valuable tax credits.

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Understanding Asset Depreciation and Section 179 Deductions

With asset depreciation your business saves on taxes if you own property, equipment, vehicles, or fixtures that can be claimed with Section 179 deductions.
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