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Business owner policy (BOP)

Get essential protection for your business, more conveniently and affordably

It doesn’t take a natural disaster to wipe out your business. Even a single personal liability claim could close your doors forever. It’s the actions you’ve taken to prepare that make all the difference. A business owner policy (BOP insurance) from Paychex Insurance Agency acts like a homeowners policy to protect your business – simplifying the need to buy coverages separately and potentially saving you money in the process.

  • Convenient and comprehensive

    Buying business insurance policies individually is inefficient and expensive. BOP insurance bundles the coverages you need into a single, convenient package – typically at a lower cost. In most cases, coverage may be added in order to meet additional needs and industry requirements.

  • Match your insurance to your needs

    We partner with national BOP insurance providers to offer you the most flexible, competitively priced insurance with essential coverage.

  • Make business insurance easy

    Our licensed agents will shop and compare policies. You don’t have to deal with multiple brokers and policies.

Business owner looking over insurance policy
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Establish BOP coverage, such as:

  • Building and business personal property
  • Business liability
  • Business interruption

Get help managing your business insurance from Paychex Insurance Agency

  • Find a carrier that fits your needs

    Work with A-rated carriers that offer comprehensive packages.

  • Work within your budget

    Compare affordable plans from nationwide carriers that can match your needs and budget.

  • Keep the lines of communication clear

    Communicate with insurance carriers, so policies are approved faster.

Extend the limits of your business insurance

Umbrella Insurance

Effectively increase the limits of your commercial property, auto, and general liability coverage by adding an umbrella policy, which can cover you for losses above and beyond your underlying policies
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