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Payroll Tax Administration

Keeping up with payroll tax rates, accurately calculating liabilities, and making timely payments can be time-consuming and headache-inducing — not to mention risky. Even minor mistakes can result in costly fines. With so much on the line, why handle it yourself?

With Paychex, you don’t have to. Our payroll services include automatic payroll tax administration. We’ll calculate, pay, and file your payroll taxes with the appropriate agencies, saving you time and helping reduce the risk of penalties for late or inaccurate payments.

Sales Tax Services

Bring back the satisfaction that comes with each sale by letting the experts handle the burden of calculating and filing sales taxes. Paychex Sales Tax Services?can help reduce your stress along with your maintenance costs by taking care of:

  • Sales tax determination and preparation.
  • Transferring obligations to tax agencies.
  • Filing your tax returns.
Tax Credit Services

Make sure your business gets the credits it deserves. Paychex tax credit services can help your business claim tax credit incentives based on location, job creation, research and development, cost segregation, and training.

Best of all? This service is free! You only pay when we find credits.

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